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rennet extract

another denomination of liquid rennet. Rennet is extracted out of the stomachs - this means only the enzyme is found in the rennet - there is no meat or anything else in the rennet

rennet paste

is the oldest form of industrially produced natural rennet with constant quality. Besides chymosin and pepsin there is also lipases fund in the rennet paste which brings spicier tastes and fattier texture

rennet powder

is the purest form of rennet - produced out of liquid rennet in a special process and dried afterwards. 1,5 to 2,5 grams can coagulate 100 litres of milk

rennet substitutes

is the common denomination for all milk-clotting products. Differentiation by suffix natural-, microbial-, genetic-, plant-rennet

rennet substitutes

all coagulants for milk-clotting that are not animal based

rennet tablets

these are pressed out of powder rennet and normally dosed for 20 litres of milk. Ideal product for small cheese quantities