Inside Hundsbichler

Production Hall

The production site

All Hundsbichler's natural rennet products are manufactured exclusively at the production site in Langkampfen/Tyrol. This is where the selected calves' stomachs are received, where they are kept in the company's own deep-freeze storage at minus 20°C and where all processing occurs. Consequently, we know what we are selling to you.

ExtractionRaw material procurement

Only decades of contacts established all over the world can guarantee access to really first-class raw materials. Our main suppliers are located in Austria, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. We regularly visit and monitor their facilities. The production of first-class rennet would not be possible without maintaining good relationships with both customers and suppliers.

The production process

Hundsbichler works exclusively by batches. This means that each individual production batch may be precisely traced with regard to the source of the raw materials, the date of production, the persons responsible and so on. This ensures highest safety at the place of manufacturing and for our customers. It also makes it possible to meet special customer demands; for instance, the production of rennet exclusively from stomachs sourced from a specific region.

FillingSupply reliability

Hundsbichler's deep-freeze storage stocks raw materials to last several months. This is not only in the interest of ensuring supplies but is also due to the fact that the best raw-material quality (e.g. "first grade stomachs" from New Zealand and Australia) is only available for three months a year.

Production reliability

The company was certified in accordance with ISO 9000 in 1995. This level of quality assurance was voluntarily upgraded to ISO 9000/2001. A corresponding HACCP concept was implemented in the production processes long before it became a legal requirement. And in 2005, the Hundsbichler company was the first manufacturer of natural rennet to be certified in accordance with ISO 22000.


All the significant manufacturing and product parameters are checked at the company's own fully equipped laboratories. The company also works with leading scientific institutes throughout Europe in continuously monitoring and further developing its standards.